The Walking Dead: All-Stars

Meet a diverse cast of survivors!

Survivors have their own unique traits and alignments.
They may help you survive the apocalypse.

Never let your guard down,
in a world filled with walkers.

Ready to reach out and expand your community?
Let’s see what awaits you on your adventure.



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The Walking Dead All Stars X XPLA

Survivor’s Font

It is a typeface that shows the will of the survivors to rebuild.
It gives a sense of unity with the uneven cross section and cracks,
and gives each grapheme an irregular and unstable feeling.
It expresses the characteristics of the game,
And adds a sense of stability by matching the overall thickness of the strokes.
Considering the small mobile display environment, it is bold and large to ensure readability.
We can’t survive unless we work together.
Funflow Survivor